on the occasion of the warning pertaining to an official action of the national-sociodemocratic political option in BiH


The president of BOSS (Bosnian political party) Mirnes Ajanovic is warning that sociodemocratic political party of BiH has become a genuine national-sociodemocratic party in every single sense of the words. The president of BOSS Mirnes Ajanovic points out that a public confession of the SNSD (independent social democrats union) that Zlatko Lagumdzija impeachment was thwarted since SDP (social-democratic party) put in a better bid on the country level aimed at strengthening national and economic prosperity of Srpska Republic- proves that SDP BiH has brutally sold the country interests in order to preserve officials’ chairs of its SDP BiH leader, it has inconsiderately trodded the dignity of both human and country by its personal-interests and anti-country oriented actions, it is hence, palpable that the country in lieu of moving forward is goings backwards radically.

24th October 2012